Road to Recovery Walk 2017 - Thanks to our amazing community of support we raised over $25,000 directly supporting programs and services provided by the Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia to individuals and family/circle of support in our province. Special thanks to Mike and Larry for sharing their musical talent and to our many community partners. A day well spent enjoying each others company, sharing a cause and creating awareness for the cause in our province. We are thrilled to have our Kings County Chapter walk with us every year in Wolfville and Pictou County Family Education and Support Group in New Glasgow.


Mindful Art 2017 - The Kick Off for this wonderful project funded through 150 Forward Communities Culture & Heritage began with A Mad Hatter Tea Party and Mad Pride Celebration in the Halifax Commons. It was an awesome day celebrating who we are and sharing with the general public, our incredible talents, music and art galore (thanks Art Bikers), yoga in the park, "Mad Meds, M & M's with meaningful messages to open dialogue about madness"and so much more. All events were stigma busting and awareness raising community celebrating arts open and free to all. We are requesting funds through grants to make this event an annual celebration to enjoy an afternoon of creative and thought provoking wellness related activities for all ages and abilities. The Mad Hatter Tea Party resists and protests the labels, prejudice and discrimination as well as the shortcomings of an overburdened health care system in Nova Scotia. Mindful ART is hopeful, recovery oriented, connected and celebratory! There were events every month from June 2017, a series of Painted Windows, Mad Hatter Tea Party, Spoken Out and Spoken Out Again, Jewellery Making, Films with Nocturne and Painted Windows tickets sold and drawn at the SSNS 32nd Provincial Conference in Halifax. 

CONFERENCE 2017 Living & Learning The Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia hosts an education event every year in the shape of an annual conference, this year in November we will be hosting the 32nd annual conference. The Society is in the process of seeking speakers who will be inspiring, insightful and provide information around new ideas and treatments for people living with mental illness in Nova Scotia. We are sure to engage everyone, mental health care clinicians, community organizations, people with lived experience and their circles of support. The content is varied to meet the interests of all who attend. The Society is currently seeking sponsors and planning for 2018! In 2016 the Society hosted the National Conference in Halifax for the first time, it was a huge success, eSource Event an online registration and event management company partnered with the Society, and continues to support all of our events in meaningful ways leading to success. Thanks to their team for providing such seamless support!! The Society shared speakers Todd Leader (Its Not About Us), Andrew Potter-Cogan (PTSD), Voice Hearers Panel, Dr. David Gardner (The Navigator Directory) and so much more at the 2017 Conference held at the Lord Nelson Hotel.

Annual General Meeting 2017 - This year we will host our AGM on June 28 in our provincial office at 5571 Cunard Street in Halifax. It was great to have so many people join us in 2017 and we welcome all to attend this year as we celebrate the work we have done in the past year and discuss what the future looks like for the organization. We currently have 2 directors positions available and welcome any interested parties to enquire by calling 902-465-2601 or email This years speaker, David Oyler will enlighten the room around fund raising guidelines and how we must ensure accountability and transparency in all we do.

In 2017 as the Society moved its location from Dartmouth to wonderful community space at 5571 Cunard Street street level with our collaborative community agency Self Help Connection. We hosted an open house in May 2017 after we were settled in and then had our first Holiday Open House! Our Say Yes To Me Scholarships provided by our Partners through Otsuka Lundbeck Alliance and Janine Williams Bursary recipients, Callum Moscovitch and Daniel Piche  joined us to celebrate their opportunity, others received Alexandra Sherin and Heather Reid but were unable to attend. Congrats to all of them and good luck in your future endeavors! We will continue the Holiday Celebrations every year in December and are so grateful for the support we receive from our supports, donors, members and community partners!! Thanks to everyone who attended and enjoyed social time at SHC/SSNS!