What We Do

The Society is a registered charity and every year, all year we raise funds through events and grant writing to ensure we continue the work in communities across the province. Recovery happens in community. The Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia offers peer support to both the person and to family, friends, colleagues through support and education/discussion groups and one to one for people and supporters. "Peer Support is someone who uses their lived experience with mental health to inspire others in similar situations by providing social and emotional support. Peer support is not counselling. Peer support is grounded in hope, empowerment, and recovery. It provides hope as the peer supporter has lived through similar experience and has found their way to a path to recovery. Peer Support is based on relationships in which each person is considered equal within the relationship and self determination is highly respected." The Society offers a safe affordable housing opportunity to people looking towards recovery and in recovery. SSNS helps people navigate to find the right services, at the right time, access to care and treatment, support, education and resources. In all of the work we reduce stigma, educate the public, advocate for people and encourage research.

The Executive Director and Board members sit on many committees to create change in mental health and addictions in Nova Scotia. SSNS represents on the following committees: Mental Health Coalition of Nova Scotia, Public Advisory Group (Nova Scotia Health Authority MH&A), End Poverty Society and CASAR (a coalition addressing inadequacies in income and disability assistance), Recovery & Integration (Nova Scotia Health Authority MH&A) and have been involved in the Provincial Mental Health Strategy and Engagement Process, Feedback and Experience Surveys developing and implementation, Families for Acute Care and family members engagement and partnership with NSHA MH&A Families Matter Education Sessions as well as two train the trainers for that series.

The Society partners with Dr's David Gardner and Andrea Murphy through the Bloom Program on the Navigator Directory, we are proud to be a partner in this work and through our student interns from Dalhousie School of Social Work, Kelly Delorey and Lauren Klestinec working with a student of pharmacy at Dalhousie to update all programs and services in mental health and addictions in the province of Nova Scotia. This project is valuable and will provide meaningful information to the people of Nova Scotia with continual updates to ensure our data is accurate, this will be a part of the future work of the Society. In 2017-18 we partnered with Dalhousie Medical students for their service learning projects, the work created is having a tremendous impact on a organization with limited resources to research best practices and even create a template for our newsletter. Thank you to everyone!!!

The Society looks for creative ways to support as many people as possible due to chronic under funding of this organization. Our partnerships enable us to have the greatest impact for the people and families we serve in Nova Scotia!