Diane MacDougall

Diane MacDougall is the current executive director for the Society. A solid background and many years’ experience in management and fund development in the non government sector and in senior sales and marketing. She has had the privilege of working for causes that have special meaning to her, beginning with the Nova Scotia SPCA Provincial Office, to the Mental Health Foundation, 4-H Nova Scotia and currently SSNS. Diane has experience as a family member and has been talking about schizophrenia for over 30 years, only professionally since September 2015.

This past year the direction from the Board was and is financial sustainability achievable through our Strategic Plan. Many months were spent developing a case for support, researching funding sources, crafting the message to meet the criteria for different opportunities, and designing the work going forward to meet the greater needs of the people the Society serves. We continue to build relationships with stakeholders and partners and source new streams of revenue to build a future for the organization with reserves. This work and relationships take years to develop, we are on a good path to a sustainable future. The Society moved from the basement of ECPurdy at the Nova Scotia Hospital through shared cost savings with self Help Connection and a lovely relationship with Southview Property Management as they donate back quarterly.

Partial funding was secured through the Department of Health with the Province of Nova Scotia allowing SSNS to develop a One to One Peer Support Program and to build Caldy Grange Supportive Housing Program. The results we will show through evaluations and reporting which I feel confident will ensure future funding from the Province. This funding is complimented by a wonderful relationship with Otsuka Lundbeck Alliance who provide a significant amount of funding year over year since Fall 2015 and are supporting the One to One Peer Support in 2017-18. Janssen Canada was our presenting sponsor at this years Conference November 3 at the Lord Nelson Hotel and have supported the Society for many years through donations and sponsorship.

SSNS continues with the Family Support Groups (HRM, Pictou County, Sydney, Inverness and Richmond County), SSNS Kings County Chapter, From Recovery to Discovery Peer Support Group, a new Voice Hearers Group funded by the Mental Health Foundation and partnered with Self Help Connection and Healthy Minds Cooperative led by Laura Burke. A new project funded by Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage with the Province and launched at AGM June 2017, Mindful Art enabled SSNS to host monthly events, it was a wonderful fun project. I am proud to be working with an amazing team here at the Society, Adrienne, Chad, Laura, Anna and a team of peer supporters, a great relationship with Self Help Connection in shared space/resources and amazing partner organizations like CMHA Halifax Dartmouth, Healthy Minds and Laing House.  

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